Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ray Ban Caravan Sunglasses for both Men and Women

The Ray-Ban Caravan sunglasses are a further timeless classic by the Ray-Ban brand and were originally launched back in 1957. This is often the style that people may opt for as an alternative to the aviator as the Caravan possesses the same sleek looks and sophisticated finish, but provides a different type of shape to that of the aviator. The Ray-Ban Caravan is designed with a streamlined and geometric quality and features a squared lens and frame shape, as opposed to the tear drop shape as demonstrated in the aviator.

The classic shapes of Ray Ban Caravan sunglasses are back also. Ray-Ban is the world’s bestselling brand of sunglasses and has been around since 1937.The Caravan from Ray-Ban made its debut in 1957 and showcases a more minimalistic design while holding the same magnitude as their classic aviators and wayfarers. This version is updated with deer leather and is 100% handmade. Ultra-thin, high technology Neophan lenses are in place, which have a unique molecular structure that enhances color and heightens contrast.

The frame is typically made of gold, silver or dark chrome wire and the arms are also slim wire with black ear socks for added definition. The signature Ray-Ban logo is subtly displayed upon the nose pads and across the top corner of the lens with lens colors including dark grey and classic dark green for an ultra chic and versatile finish. The Ray-Ban Caravan sunglasses definitely possess their own character and unique sense of style and celebrities including Julia Roberts, Leighton Meester and Reese Witherspoon are all fans of this classic and statement yet highly wearable design.


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